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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Cryin' over Port Arthur

We went for a drive on a lovely fall day. The plan was, drive to Galveston Bay and from there east to Port Arthur (where Janis was born, y'all). On the two GPS's, one on the dash of the car, and one on my phone, it showed highway 87 going all the way along the shoreline. We had two, not one but two, guidebooks, which also claimed 87 was there. However, when we got there, the cupboard was bare. The highway washed away almost 20 years ago, from Hurricanes Allen, Rita, and Ike, and there are no plans to rebuild because the erosion in the area is 8' per year.

So we ended up in Port Arthur by another route, where we wandered around looking for a restaurant, found one, gave up on going to the two parks we had planned to visit because we were so tired and cranky by that time it seemed beyond us.

The parks were Sea Rim State Park, a marshy area by the bay, and Sabine Pass State Park, which would have been a great place for Bear to run. Never mind, as they say.

We saw beautiful (if you like scrub flats) Gulf Coast Texas along the way (left: beach looking southwest, right: highway going west homeward):

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Osprey said...

Ineresting about the road. I wonder what else is 'missing' but will forever be listed.