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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Lamp for Old!

In Aladdin this would mean I could rub the old lamp and have a genie rise out of it.

This is one of those oddities of modern commerce. I bought the lamp (on the right) online. Over time the switch became more and more difficult to turn, finally being impossible for me. I notified the manufacturer, who put me through a few hoops then offered a replacement lamp, provided I cut the plug off the end of the power cord and sent them a photo of it cut off.

Now, any reasonable person would know that I could have the old lamp repaired, and have two of them. Why would the manufacturer ask for this silly pseudo-disabling of the lamp?

It must be cheaper to replace than it is to repair, is the sad conclusion. This is not reasonable, but it is the current Way of the World. Robots made another one, but lamp repairmen (and women) are skilled and scarce. This is not a "green" way of solving problems, but I had to acquiesce. Now I will give the broken lamp to a charitable organization that may fix and sell it. Oh well, I hope someone who needs a good lamp will give it a home.

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