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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Meetings with Remarkable Women ...

On our vacation, aka the Whirlwind Pacific Northwest Tour for Nut Jobs, we spent time with three very different, but all amazing, women:

1. Betsy B. (you KNOW who you are!)

My Real Life sister, a true bohemian, has a small, cozy apartment filled with art and artifacts. She has one room dedicated to her profession, massage therapy. In there she has tatami mats arranged so that the massage table is on top of them. When you walk barefoot on them, they give gently underfoot. There were also strings of different sorts of lights in various places, lots of soft color, and plenty of wonderful paintings.

BB has some plaster paintings she did (3D) of Michelangelo paintings, including one of Eve and the Serpent, which are sensual and delicately colored.

2. Tish S.

One of my best Childhood Friends, Tish lives in a nice house filled with patterns (even the bathroom fixtures had plant imagery twining over it), warmth and love. The love was palpable, and her gentle spirit had created a family paradise.

3. Osprey T.

We had quite an adventure trying to find Osprey's house. We decided we would bring sandwiches. We had to try three delis before we found the Fifth Avenue Sandwich Shop. Whew! Got Sammiches!

We drove up to Os's lake, and wandered around trying to find her driveway, unsuccessfully. This woman is Hidden! Finally, we entered her beautiful, white-walled and white-carpeted house, saw her really gorgeous paintings, and her laughing face.

I hope I can see these women again some time soon, because none of the visits were nearly long enough. Each of these friends has created a beautiful space to live in, and each has contributed to our culture and gives service to others. They have inspired me to do more art, give more time and energy to family, and live a bit more casually.

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robyn said...

I have decided that this is the year of women: 2 womens circles, swimming, meditating, walking, sharing food, talking, yes and some conflict (which I'd rather not have)...I'm loving my womanly life and I celebrate you!