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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Second Life 2.0: The Gentrification

In cities in the USA, and probably all over the globe, neighborhoods have a cycle of going downhill as the properties age. Then the "marginal" neighborhoods become areas occupied by poor people, criminals and artists. Later, after the artists have made the neighborhood safe and attractive, People With Money move in, and the artists are forced by sheer economic pressure to move on.

Something like that is happening in Second Life as of yesterday. Many long-term residents are dismayed by Second Life 2.0, as it is more difficult to use the advanced menus; newbies may find it more accessible, which is, clearly, why it was changed. Now it will be less interesting to artists (who have paid to help make the world a better place, by the way), and more fun for those who just want a 3D chatroom.

1 comment:

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

I've not known a phase like it - sooooo many ppl soooo pissed off :(