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Friday, April 09, 2010

Another World ... The Soap Opera!

Osprey helped me to find my way onto the Other Grids; in this case, InWorldz. At first Emerald crashed my graphics driver so I had to go in through the SL viewer (which I had no idea was possible). Then I was a cloud for a very very long time. Then I put on a duck avatar and promptly fell through floors all over the place.
Finally Os explained to me how to make my own shapes and clothes and whatever from scratch (who knew you could right-click the inventory menu like that? prolly everyone but me).
Then we went to someplace in Jersey, where my legs got huge holes in em.

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Osprey said...

Hah! It's fun wandering around - but it's always a bit tiring. It's not like we actually have to ride a bus to another town, so I really donb't know why.