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Friday, March 26, 2010

Higher Education for Hippos

Yes, student hippos, welcome to your campus! The flashing area is your section of this playground / university known as the human brain. As all hippos know, your campus is involved in short-term memory assigning and storage, and it also identifies novel sensory experiences, and is one part of a cycle of craving (now where did I put that dark chocolate?).


robyn said...

blame it on the potamus? why I'd love to.
Now for a serious question:
(As I am your little{not to little} dog star)
I can hear a drum roll, okay what is the difference between a desire and craving? How do cravings become?
{yes, the question is where do they come from...hahaha that sounds so silly.} Guess I'm not so serious as I used to be. I was thin when I was serious~is there a connection?
sorry I did go on. xo y-l-d-s

Enjah said...

Here is a site that deals with this issue in depth. I cannot quote the entire thing, but this is the address:

it is from the University of Minnesota, and deals with all sorts of cravings and the craving cycle in the brain.