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Monday, February 01, 2010

Feeling Maudlin

What kind of day has family drama, the glory of success and the sorrow of defeat, disappointment, frustration and self-pity, plus guilt?

Why today of course!

With a massive re-write, I finished my tiny aliens movie. I felt proud and posted it on YouTube, only to be informed it was a bad production. Then I tried to fix it but could not, so oh well. I shot a sow's ear; it cannot be silk-pursed. I loved making it. The Tinies are so much fun to work with, and Osprey's space ship was awesome!

My grandson called all in a whuffle because he is being kicked out of his mother's house because apparently he threw something at her and gave her a black eye. Oh lovely. He wanted us to take him in but we said no. He was very dramatic, saying this was goodbye forever. OK, I said. When someone gets your sympathy and then later you find out they were lying to get you to send money, give them things or whatever, it is hard to believe them for a long time afterward.

Young Geoffrion appeared in gmail out of the blue. She may be home soon, which would be delightful.

I read some of Osprey's recent blogposts and was especially disheartened by her statement that she would have left Second Life long ago if she had her health. I felt bad at first, because I have not lost my health and I am still in SL, but then I realized that if it were not for Osprey, I would have left long ago myself. She has an inner source of ideas that never seems to dry up. She is witty and compassionate and funny. I have other friends but she is very special.

Gads. Then HWMNBMIMB went to bed early and I was shut out of the PC because it disturbs his rest. So it was an odd day.

Oh, and it was chilly and wet, and I woke up with a sinus headache that extended down my back and shoulders, and it never went away.


Osprey said...

Gawd - I never said it was a bad production ===:O To me processing is just something that is like putting a print in the right frame - if I do it wrong (which I have done a billion times) my way of working is just to keep slogging away at it - and I should apologise for making you feel badly and inflicting my nuttiness on you. To me, processing is nothing to do with the actual MOVIE which made me laugh and was awesome. So accept my apology, please. I've been tired and thick-headed and have really screwed up if I've made you feel unhappy.

And I didn't say I'd've left SL if I'd been well, I said I'd never've been here at all. I was an immensely energetic and very physical person before I got sick, and I just assume I'd've kept on doing the real life things I did: working, painting, opera, socialising, staying up until 3am watching bands, and going to art events, traveling.

I was bummed out by Ordinal's original, rather harsh, statement. So it was a depressing day for me, in a way, too. And the forums closing announcement hit me, too.

Anyway, cheer up, and forgive me.

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

Oooo, processing! I see Os' point Enjah... not about the processing which is a black art I simply don't understand, but rather about her not saying the film was bad. The processing and the film are very seperate - the film, as Os has said and I've said is brilliant! Great fun!

And I share your feelings at Os' comment about not being in SL at all. It didn't upset me... more gave me a pang of loss. But I understood totally what Os meant - I think I was always meant to be in a virtual world as I'm a lazy bum. Os - at least well Os - would never have joined as she'd be too busy making films with kids and going to see bands in smoky dives.

You two have been the most ipmortant people in my three years in SL. I had friends before you and I've got friends you haven't met, but you two are more than friends so when either of you talk about being tired with SL (as we all do and all have) it does 'upset' me as I hate to such special friends feeling low. But I always know it's just a part of the wave and pretty soon we'll all be back on top laughing at the silliness of it all.

I'll be brutally honest here. I don't care if Ordinal leaves. I don't know her beyond 2 or 3 brief conversations. She seems nice enough and I hope she is not unhappy, but her news didn't move me one way or the other. But to read two posts from you guys that seemed so down does move me. You both mean more to me than a dozen Ordinals or forums or whatever because you are my friends - so I hope you both swim up the wave and we can surf on the crest togther again really soon!


Enjah said...

My process of learning to do something is just jump in, and learn different aspects of the medium as needed to accomplish my goal.

For example, I never use all the capabilities of Photoshop, but it does what I need it to do. I have no clue what all the menus are for in Second Life, and some of them are just mumbo-jumbo to me.

VideoStudio is clearly very powerful, and I will learn at my own pace. I look back at older paintings and see how they were crudely done, but expressed what I saw anyway. That is how my videos are. I just shot what I saw.

Osprey said...

The announcement of the closing of the forum hit me pretty hard that day I wrote that. After nearly six years, it's a home to me, and a source of information I will not know how to find come Tuesday.

I know you don't go there, but you still get the information as I blab a lot ;-D


HeadBurro Antfarm said...

Are they doing away with a forum altogether or opening a new one? Eviction sounds horrible, but if it's just a house move then you'll be OK (I hope - they can fek these things up).