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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Close Enounter of the Unpleasant Kind

I was working on something for my movie "Tiny Alien Invasion" when a woman appeared on my deck.

She spoke to me in IM, and I asked why. I said, "Are you new?" she said no, she wasn't, and I asked her to speak in chat. She did that, and then said she did not speak English very well. I asked what language she did speak and she said Spanish. I told her in Spanish that I only know a little of that language. She said we could speak English.

I had my Prim Finder out, to look for an interesting shape. I had just begun rezzing something fun when suddenly another shape rezzed on top of mine.

I asked this woman if she had touched the Prim Finder and she said yes :). I said please don't, I am working on something.

She said, "You are very estupid" and I replied, "get lost". She poofed and I banned her.

Then I said in Spanish, in her IM, "You are very rude and you are not welcome in my house." Just now I received her reply ... "sorry :)"

I think an insincere apology is almost worse than none at all. I think she does not like being banned and hopes that I will let her wander over again and fool with my work. Oh sure, and hell is even now freezing over.

1 comment:

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

Opfh, horrid!

Still, how is this masterpiece coming along? Do you need extras? How about a runner to make tea? Do any of the stars need a fluffer?