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Friday, December 04, 2009

The Member of the Wedding

One of the reasons I watch movies more than once is that frequently, I have changed so much between the first viewing and the second that I see the film completely differently.

My memories of "The Member of the Wedding" were of sorrow, which is still there, and of identifying with the teenage girl, Frankie, played in the movie (and on Broadway) by Julie Harris. I must have seen the movie when I was a teenager, though it came out well before that time.

This time I identified with the Ethel Waters character, Bernice, who is the housekeeper for the widower and his children, and who really loses everything in the few months covered by the movie.

Ms. Waters gave, as she always did, an oustanding performance; she pulls us into her life without sentimentality, and advises Frankie wisely, though her wisdom is ignored.


Call Me Lucy said...

have you heard of the book "The Help" ? i listened to the first chapter -- done in a wonderful authentic accent -- on a recent trip, haven't gotten back to it.

Enjah said...

Nope, never heard of it.

Osprey said...

Ethel Waters was one of my faves as a child. I haven't seen any of her films in years - you make a good point for reviewing.