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Monday, December 07, 2009

Meet the Natives USA

The Travel Channel has a new series, Meet the Natives USA, featuring Pacific Islanders from Tanna, Vanuatu, who decided to visit the United States. During World War II, they were defended by the Allies and were advised to stop warring amongst the tribes on their island.

They heard that the USA is warring, and they are bringing the same message of peace back with them.

In the first episode they visit a ranch in Montana, thence to New York City, on to Peoria, Illinois, and to Orange County, California. The next episode they visit Georgia and D.C. Their mission is to bring their message to President Obama and other leaders of the United States.

These men accept the sometimes frightening (airplanes, plastic cooking bags), sometimes enjoyable (drinking wine, elevators) aspects of American lives. They meet with very different families, staying with them in their homes. The contrast is clear but everyone is respectful and loving.

They previously visited the UK and spoke to Prince Philip in 2007.

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