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Friday, December 04, 2009

Lucy Sits Up Nicely

Re-blog from Lucy Tornado's blog
Sits Up and Looks Around:
a friend and i have exchanged many gifts over the years.
a few years ago she said "how about if we give each other back gifts we didn't really like?"
she said "the person who got it for the other, REALLY liked it, thought it was special, and would probably appreciate it!"

this seemed quite sensible at the time.
i was fascinated by my reaction when she returned one of my gifts!
i thought "this? she didn't like THIS? this is so wonderful!" and i felt a little hurt.
then i thought "i REALLY like this! i'm glad she gave it back to me instead of giving it to the thrift shop."
and i treasure it still.

To add to this, my mother and one of her friends came up with a gag gift, a large fake pearl necklace which neither would really want to wear. From that point onward, they would wrap the necklace in ever-changing fancy giftwrap and give it to the other one. Back and forth it went until my mother's friend died. Each time the recipient would open the gift with squeals of pleasure and peals of laughter. What better gift could there be?

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Osprey said...

That's a wonderful story!