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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Laura Tahri Singing at the Allen Wedding

Caveats: I apologize for the poor quality of this video; I hope that you can experience some of the beautiful, smooth and moving quality of my daughter Laura's voice, as she sings a song chosen by the wedding couple, Eric and Paige Allen. I was ill prepared and only began shooting after the song had begun. It was shot on my iPhone from 50 feet away, in a large hall.


Osprey said...

Lovely! (And well done Enj for videoing it!)

robyn said...

I think that captured some of the elegance of the wedding. Thank you Ellen, I was not there and yet with your iPhone you enabled me to have a taste of THE wedding. Laura's voice seems to be getting even more beautiful, she's really something your daughter. love to you-all in Texas. ps was that Dill's head you shot know what I mean.

Enjah said...

Yes, we sat behind Dillis and Irene. It was a beautiful wedding, and Paige and Eric were radiating joy.