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Friday, November 20, 2009

The Electric Astrolabe!

Holy Kaboley, I just found The Electric Astrolabe, at! This is software that can be downloaded absolutely free. *Goes wild, cheering and yet fearing she will be unable to use the thing*


Enjah said...

The only problem is, it will not run on my system :(

Osprey said...

Gah! They are so complicated-looking they make my head spin!

Osprey said...

(The Gah! was due to it not running on your system).

robyn said...

well, I tried to look at it and the Electric astrolabe bandwidth was exceeded. So no go now.
check out my blog, I've got Astrodentist...hahha, you know what I mean, I've got their daily widget.
Venus is transiting my 12th house and I am on a love jag. Chiron transiting my Venus ouchie : good luck/bad luck.