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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Stories and Their Power to Hurt or Heal

It was interesting to me to hear Ms. Adichie speak of the US media stereotype of Mexican immigrants, because here in Houston, we have so many Mexican immigrants and Tejanos that we have many stories of Mexico and Mexicans, and we have a great number of South and Central Americans here as well (along with many Asians and Europeans). All these influences enrich and vivify the local culture.

In the Northern USA, where I grew up, stereotypes are perpetuated concerning the South (Southern USA), and in many cases, Texas. These stories tell of racism, lynchings, and xenophobia. These stories incorrectly and narrowly define and defame the place in which I live, and this woman's talk helped me understand how.

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Enjah said...

Factoids: On our block in this suburb of Houston, we have neighbors who are from China, Nigeria, Bangladesh, France, Egypt, and various parts of the USA. Also, the majority of Houstonians are Hispanic.