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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Stella is coming to our house for a sleepover tomorrow evening. We met her on Saturday at a local pet supply store, where
Happily Ever After Pets had her on display looking for a home.

She is currently in a foster home. Her energy is medium, and she is very sweet and relaxed.
We will have her here for five nights, to decide if she is the right dog for our pack.


Osprey said...

That will be fun! I hope things go well. Has Bear met her?

Enjah said...

When I said "we" met her on Saturday, that meant all of us, including Bear. He was relaxed and happy hanging out with her and I walked them both at the same time around the parking lot. She has a lower energy level than he does, so she will not whip him into a frenzy the way Chip did. *crosses fingers* hope she does well here.