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Monday, October 05, 2009

Nightmare on I-45

Oh the joys of modern life! Our house is now 19 years old, and we want to replace our cooktop with one that is the same size, manufacturer and style (no retrofitting). How hard could it be, we said.

Well, not always easy. We found out today that the manufacturer is discontinuing the downdraft exhaust model of this cooktop (the first store said we could buy another manufacturer's similar product but we were not sure it would fit etc.), and so we did more searching online and finally ended up at one of those gigantic warehouse home improvement stores (YOU KNOW WHO THEY ARE).

There we found a very competent woman in the appliance section who helped us set up a sale, but then she could not get anyone to help her with their computer system to complete the process. She called out over the store for a manager to help her six or seven times! No one even called to say, sorry I am busy now!

Finally, after a half an hour of this horsing around, she figured out how to get around the problem, and the transaction was complete. ER, NO, not quite!

We got to the checkout and the woman rang up only part of the transaction, the installation. We said, no, we ordered a cooktop. She looked blank. Smelly jar things at the checkout counter made me nauseated, so I moved away while my husband (He Who Must Not Be Mentioned In My Blog) patiently explained to her that we wanted to give the stupid place quite a lot more money. We had to BEG them to take our money!

Oh, icing on the cake: on our way to the checkout we ran across five employees hanging out together chatting. One of them was a vastly overweight fellow who had waddled past while our champion called out to him. He just kept on waddling. Never again! (Well, I say that, but sometimes there is no other viable choice; however, if I can help it, nevermore).

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HeadBurro Antfarm said...

I had a similar experience in IKEA in Leeds - 2 hours waiting until in the end I told then to take the wardrobe and shove it up their arse.

When I complained, the *ahem* customer service woman said "well they are Saturday staff and only 17, what do you expect from them?"

Fugging idiots.