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Friday, October 23, 2009

Mixed Marriage

I have been watching Living with Ed on the Discovery Planet Green channel. I found out about it via the web, while searching for green countertop materials. HWMNBMIMB* refuses to watch it because he dislikes Ed Begley, jr. but I think it is really funny. They have a neighborhood competition going between Ed and Bill Nye the Science Guy, who lives just down the street, for one thing. Both guys aspire to be the Greenest Guy in the Neighborhood. Now some new dude is ahead of both of them.

I saw a couple of re-runs and the newest episode and I am not sure which one was which; on one of them, Ed gets this really complicated irrigation system controller that receives weather information and automatically sets the watering levels to reflect that information, along with all the various levels needed by different sorts of plants. It was fascinating to me.

They also visited Larry Hagman's house, which is (prepare to gasp) 25,000 square feet. He had an array of solar panels that cost over $700,000 to put in (although he got a rebate of $300,000 on it), and went from having a yearly electricity bill of $37,000 to having, last year, a bill FOR THE YEAR of $13.00.

I am not nearly as green as these people. I take two steps forward and one step back. I got rid of the home composter because it stunk and when I put out the compost the dog dug it up. I got rid of the rain barrel because it was impossible to use the water, as the faucet was so low in the barrel (good for water pressure, bad for gathering water into watering can). It was also a perfect place for mosquitoes to breed.

So, on to the "mixed marriage" portion of the post: Ed's wife Rachelle is not into all this stuff to anywhere near the degree he is. They are always bickering over that issue. It reminds me of home, because this morning, HWMNBMIMB complained about the toilet paper. He said it was made of "green bark", and that I would have to get him some mainstream toilet paper. The headline when we married was, "Environmental Nut Marries Chemical Engineer ... details at Eleven".
*He Who Must Not Be Mentioned In My Blog (thanks again for the acronym, Osprey)

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