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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Freecycle! is a network of local groups that is organized to give away things that you are not using to people nearby who want them.

It bypasses the charity groups, rummage/garage/yard sales, and all that stuff that takes physical effort on the part of the giver-awayer. After joining the group, I posted my yogurt maker and it was picked up this morning from my front porch. This afternoon, I am putting out an adorable teapot/cup combo, which just does not fit into my tea drinking habit. Someone will be delighted to have it and I don't have to do anything but put it out for her to pick up. Ingenious!


ReUseIt Supporter said...

Freecycling is a great idea; however, the Freecycle Network is no longer grassroots. The organization has been taken over by a Board of Directors of 3 people in the USA.

The organization, at the top level, has developed many corporate imposed rules, some of which do not work for all areas. Some of the rules are very restrictive on what you can post and what you can ask for.

For a more grassroots, Community Owned and Operated ecycling group, please check out The ReUseIt Network.

At ReUseIt all groups are 100% community owned and operated; therefore, every group reflects and allows what works in that community.

For a more relaxed approach, please join the ReUseIt Network at

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

I used Freecycle once many years ago - I put a kettle on. It was a hardly used, glass bowl design I didn't want (reason now escapes me) which I propmtly broke whilst cleaning 5 mins after listing. What a berk.