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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Whose Child Is She?

If Wayne Newton and Anne Murray got married they could have given birth to k.d. lang. There are times in this song when if you close your eyes you could believe it was Anne Murray singing. If you keep your eyes open, Wayne's genes are clearly there!


Osprey said...

The Patsy-Cline-esque album she put on circa 1990 was really good for that type of thing. The liner notes were written by someone who had produced Patsy (I think produced) - and he talked about KD being the real thing.

Enjah said...

I am not a fan of Wayne Newton, but that is largely because he chooses to be such a Las Vegas glitzy guy. His voice is gorgeous. Anne Murray chooses songs that are too sentimental for my taste. However, k.d. is amazingly versatile and her voice sends chills down my spine. She is a songwriter, plays several instruments, and sings like an angel, in any genre she pleases. I should have put "artist I admire" on the tagline.