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Monday, August 10, 2009

The Woman Who Can Do Anything!

Combat Cards


Fake Photobooth Strips


Glycerin Soaps with That Something Extra (yes, of course breasts have plastic toys inside them!)


Yes, another artist I admire is Osprey Therian, a.k.a. (ssshhhhh!) Vivian Kendall, an artist with a highly creative nature. Her work spans several media, as you can see. You can visit the
oblivionstore and purchase some of her work in the form of tee shirts or other items.

In Second Life, she has built a theatre, organized a troupe of players and come up with wild ideas for our variety show, performed, found and uploaded free music that is wonderfully appropriate, designed a line of clothing, tents, and pavilions, as well as doing the amazing Combat Cards images, plus building the arenas and fighting there herself. By the way, Combat Cards are available for purchase in Second Life or in what we laughingly refer to as Real Life (yes, a real deck of cards).

Or you can visit her blog, or see her photos and videos on flickr.

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Osprey said...

Wow - thank you! :-D