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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's the Thought?

I was talking to one of my sisters this morning and she said I might be invited to a wedding shower, and that the family concerned tends to give big, expensive presents. I suggested we get together to get something larger, if she would like to do that.
Then I started thinking about my philosophy of gifting:

1. no gift is required in return. The pleasure of giving is plenty.

2. I (and most givers) do not want to hear, "I have one of those already", "that is my least favorite color", "it is the wrong size and would fit my pet", or "wow that must have cost plenty!". Just say thank you, how kind of you.

3. Once the gift is given, do what you like with the object. It truly IS the thought, and if you don't need or want what I gave you, you can a. throw it away, b. donate it to charity, c. re-gift it to another person, d. paint it another color, or e. burn it.

4. A gift is not to be kept for life unless it is useful that long.*

*Keeping unwanted and unsolicited gifts because the giver might someday show up and ask where it is, is a form of insanity.


Osprey said...

Some people give presents that are what they think you SHOULD like but know that you don't. My father once gave me a girly sweater because he said I didn't wear girly sweaters. I left his abode and stopped five minutes later to throw the entire package away.

Merry Xmas :p

Osprey said...

I'm not a great fan of receiving presents as they are so rarely things I like. I always give weird things, too, and they probably weren't what the receivers wanted, either, I suppose. I gave my pals Lucia+Jim a radio controlled blimp for a house-warming present and they never even filled it with gas :(

Osprey said...

My advice: give a gift certificate for a massage.

Enjah said...

Heh I love the story about the girly sweater! I would have flown the blimp during the party, personally.

Enjah said...

Other options for unwanted gifts: sell on ebay, at your garage sale, or pawn shop. Someone told me they had a gift item in their yard sale and the giver came by. I don't keep track of gifts I have given, so I would be blissfully unaware in that situation.