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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

You Can't Hide Your Lion Eyes!

My excuse is, hba wanted a lion act of some sort. I fooled around and made a lion outfit. Except for the insane yarn-y mane, it looks a LOT like a regular furry. I hope there is some sort of really funny thing for this lion to do. Oh there is a lioness outfit as well.

Here the lion is posing as Michelangelo's David in Young Geoffrion's round temple. Obviously egotistic!


hba said...

That's fab! I've emailed you with the act idea - hope it's fuuny enough to get in :)

Love Young's temple - I must come along and see it!

Young Geoffrion said...

That is the original Tempietto, and I am delighted it is occasional home to a transient leonine.