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Monday, July 13, 2009

They Get Around

Artists recycle a lot of stuff, including packaging, materials to make things with, and just stuff.

In this case, these boxes arrived here with art supplies, or paintings that did not sell, and now they are going out again to a gallery, filled with three new paintings. Bon Voyage!


Osprey said...

They look small in the picture but I bet it's misleading - how big are they (roughly)?

Enjah said...

The paintings are "The Path" - 16"x20", "Grand Tetons" - 18"x24", and "Aspens, Yellowstone" - 36"x24, no big ones this time. With packing materials the boxes are a couple of inches larger all around.

Young Geoffrion said...

Oh the crates and boxes I keep! I have three house-sized crates (insulated with styrofoam) packed with paintings (not my own) for Art Expo, and boxes galore, for work from 16x20 up to 60x60! It just accumulates, endlessly.