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Monday, July 13, 2009

Stewart Brand Talks at TED

I have great admiration for Stewart Brand, an environmentalist from Way Back. His talk may be disturbing to viewers who have cherished beliefs about what is best for the Earth and Humanity.

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Osprey said...

I've seen that train place before in videos. I doubt that there's any way humans will slow down their breeding, so the future seems sealed, and it doesn't look pretty.

A couple of years ago I heard a man on the radio - can't think of his name, but he wrote a brilliant book about the ways to effectively give help to people. Some ways are expensive and don't work, but make good PR. Other ways are very effective, cost little, but aren't "sexy" - they just don't sound like anything much. We don't have time to waste on ineffective measures for that, or for anything else, either - for instance the devastation of the Earth. The theory is basic common sense, in a way, but common sense is so uncommon these days it sounds like a revolutionary idea.