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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

SEED Magazine

I bought this very slick magazine, which is printed on heavy paper stock, because it was intriguing. The subtitle is SCIENCE IS CULTURE, and inside it deals with overpopulation, climate change, why we buy crap, and other sort of environmentally-concerned issues.

Available in a digital version at SEEDMAGAZINE.COM., it is well written, and in the June issue pictured here, there are gorgeous black and white photographs of meteorite impact sites around the world.
About this cover* image it says: "A crowd's long shadows create a visual effect reminiscent of electrophoresis, wherein particles dispersed in a fluid migrate under the influence of an electric field". Huh! Who knew?

*Sorry about the phone number and the Second Life coordinates I scribbled on the cover. That is what comes of leaving things on the computer desk too long before scanning them.

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