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Sunday, June 28, 2009

yOU aRE gEttINg dRowSY

I went into Second Life because Young Geoffrion and I were in contact and she said she was at Drowsy, where I had never been. As I arrived I realized I still had my playful gorilla/bunny outfit on. Shortly thereafter, Osprey arrived, in her gorilla/alien outfit (we had been silly the afternoon before).

Osprey began doing ballet, I followed suit, and we spoke of shoes and ships and sealing wax, until we had to disperse to our outer lives. Osprey and I matched Drowsy in our fairytale costumes, and our gentle leader was formally attired in her usual 18th-Century costume. Writer of strange tales that she is, she is comfortable with hybrid creatures.

1 comment:

Young Geoffrion said...

One must never become too comfortable with such unconventional creatures! Let us say rather I was exquisitely uncomfortable. Yes, you suited the mood to perfection.