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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Otter Lake

We spent a few weeks every summer here at Otter Lake. The log cabin was built by my great-grandfather, Big Mike Quinlan, if I remember correctly. He was a logger and this was their main logging camp. It was referred to as Camp Comfort. Nana (my maternal grandmother) inherited it from him and she added more comfort ... an indoor toilet, for instance. She had a pre-fab bunkhouse built behind the cabin, and it was fun to sleep there.

Nana willed the cabin and land to her four children, of whom only three were interested in spending the money to keep it up and to pay the taxes on it. Lou-Lou sold her share to the other three. Then I am not entirely sure who dropped out, I think maybe Uncle Bill, and there were two. However, those two had many children between them. Ten, if memory serves. The property could not be willed to ten children and thence to their heirs, and the costs of upkeep and taxes were high, so finally Mom and Uncle David sold the property.


Enjah said...

By the way I have vivid memories of the women's outhouse, a two-holer on the deer park (a plank walkway with a railing around a salt lick -- the land was posted NO HUNTING, and the deer were attracted only to be gazed upon). I was always scared some rodent, snake or arachnid would get my bare bottom as I sat there. I am STILL scared of that in parks or wherever I have to sit with the wind up my behind while I meditate!

hba said...

By gum! I think more tales of Big Mike Quinlan are in order!

I'm loving these memories - can we have some of your SL life too?

Enjah said...

I know very little about Big Mike Quinlan. He was a logger in northern Wisconsin, he married Emma LaFleur, a French Canadian (they were called Mimmi and Pippi by my mother), and they had a family of Little Quinlans, including my grandmother, Stella.

Anonymous said...

So glad you blogged your discoveries! Only one correction would be: Nana willed her cabin and surroundings to David, Bill and Mom. LouLou was not given a portion because "she always went to Big Lake (Schuette's summer cottage) on 4th of July. I guess Nana took umbrage at that and specifically did not include LouLou. The three who DID inherit OL felt somewhat guilty about it.