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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Merry Gentleman

Michael Keaton directed and stars in this movie, which is a sort of haunting story of a hit man and an abused woman and their odd relationship. Well done, very bleak backgrounds, and silences. I expected a harsher development (there are some assassinations), but it was satisfying in a strange way.

My sister Anne and I had planned to see "Enlighten Up!" but changed our minds in favor of Michael Keaton, whom we both enjoy. We will see that documentary some other time. We were alone in the theatre, which was very comfortable, so it was like having a private screening. Then we had the adventure of the underground parking. We could not find Aqua, but a kind security man in a golf cart picked us up and delivered us to our spots. Is THAT what Blanche meant by the kindness of strangers?

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