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Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Lonely Life of a Diva

Costumed, coiffed, perfumed, powdered, and prepared, Esmeralda gazes out through the scrims at the mushroom seats, all empty, the echoing theatre her lonely milieu.

Relay For Life benefit shows begin in less than two hours. Esmeralda will enter the spotlight once again. Is Esmeralda, like Lassie, an anonymous animal who takes the name for the moment of her ill-fated glory only? Find out this afternoon! Eleanor Airship Theatre, Phobos (229, 214, 74)!


Osprey said...

/me scratches.

I had best run off and email Alazi to make sure she is aware we are booked today.

hba said...

Could you work this post into a snapshot of Esmeralda's life over at the TSMGO blog? It's wonderful stuff!