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Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Killer Is Loose

Joseph Cotten's acting has been an acquired taste for me. For years I disliked him, then recently I began appreciating his range. He is always recognizable, but the range is subtly there. Touch of Evil, Niagara, The Third Man, Shadow of a Doubt, The Magnificent Ambersons, Citizen Kane. This is an actor whom I have underrated.

"The Killer is Loose" is film noir with a somewhat unsatisfying ending, but which nevertheless builds amazing tension. We think the wife (Rhonda Fleming) is nice, then realize she is an idiot who is a liability for her husband.

We see Wendell Corey use his flattened affect to great effect, so to speak. His actions are belied by his tone of voice, but slowly we are more and more terrified by him.

Joseph Cotten is the leading man, a cop who takes a desk job to appease his fearful wife, but who knows what is at stake for those in the field. The cops do their best, not always smart about it, but serious. As I say, the ending is flat, but the rest is well done.

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hba said...

Try and find a film called Sexy Beast - it's a British modern gangster/noir film that I rate hugely! The two central performances from Ray Winstone & Ben Kingsley are amazing - Ben provides the single scariest villian I have ever seen on the screen - a true sociopath. Warning, the language is very mature :-D