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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Double Feature, No Cartoons

Brute Force, starring Burt Lancaster and a big crowd of excellent supporting actors, portrays the corrosive effects of hopelessness and sadism in prison, and the problem of a weak, well-meaning warden who allows the brutality to occur. There is a prison break of course. As always, Burt is his athletic, intense, and charismatic self. Somehow he always gives it his all, and he comes through.

The Naked City, from 1948, from which the television series was born, I assume. The leading man was Barry Fitzgerald, believe it or not! There is a voiceover narration about the crime and the process of solving it, giving it a documentary feel. Very well done, lots of tension. Barry does a great job as the experienced old bird running the Homicide Division.

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