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Sunday, May 10, 2009

When Alts Marry ....

Eileen and I have been married in Second Life for some time now. It was my alcoholism that prevented it for so long. Like many virtual detectives and police personnel, my job was too much for my emotional nature and I took to the drink.

I almost lost my dear fellow alt, Eileen McTeague, to the adventuresome Ozymandias Flytrap, whose rugged features and keen eyesight make him a perfect black ops avatar.

When I sobered up, she was gone! I dried out for months, and then she consented to return to me.

Being alts of Enjah Mysterio, we are both consigned to minor brain areas. That is a blessing and a curse, naturally. Having the same main avatar, we have a lot in common, which aids marriage. yet, we are akin to brother and sister (pun intended), and marrying is then a major taboo. On the other hand, we hardly ever fight any more, as Enjah has integrated us as aspects of herself, accepting the diva and the detective (ahem, may I admit to being a handsome devil as well?).

We continue on our way, hopeful that unlike other Second Life marriages, ours will last more than a week. Well, it has already, so what am I saying? We could go on and on (till we get bored).


HeadBurro Antfarm said...

I have met you both and think you are both rather smashing :)

hba said...

Can we have more posts from the other yous? There is so many tales I missed from the past!