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Friday, May 29, 2009

To Satisfy Osprey's Curiosity ...

... here is a tour of our back yard, or back garden, in English terms. Above: the view when I step out our back door, including half-poodle, half-clown.

Our patio, such as it is, a concrete slab.

Looking back at the house ...

Looking to my right, at the fig tree and the Wasteland.

Gardenia bush and flower thingies.

Looking left (south) ... two views, above and below.

Below: straight ahead, the sago palm and the live oak, with dog.

Below: Here is the useless bit, to the north of the garage, where nothing has ever grown. Now that the neighbors have trimmed their trees, sun peeks in.

Below: Looking back across the lawn, playing fetch with Bear. Once you go down the pathway between the house and garage, the area is about 30 feet deep and 78 feet across.

Below: Bear decides to play HIS game, in which he says "Just try to grab the ball! You can do it!" He is of course, being sarcastic, as he is quite aware of our comparative relfex speeds.


Osprey said...

Where is the badmintoin net???

Osprey said...

/me takes an x-acto knife and carves out the fat-finger second "I."

Enjah said...

was frenchiefried to have it labeled badmintoin!

hba said...

She's planning to rob ya!