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Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Snails' Pace

I went inworld with the intention of rehearsing the flea circus. Then Osprey IM'd saying she had accidentally entered the Giant Snail Race, so I popped over there. I bought a Vezpa, which was not terribly stable. Then Sal rode on the back, sidesaddle (!).

Finally we rode on his airship, the Aeonghus, until ... I saw every building de-rez, until I was standing in midair, alone, wearing my helmet. I relogged, and saw one Giant Snail make it to the finish line. Osprey meanwhile had quit the race, and gone home to rest.

1 comment:

hba said...

LOL! I'd loved to have joined you, but I was tweeting about the wonderfully ridiculous Eurovision contest on telly. Check my tweets for the #eurovision hashtag :)