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Friday, May 01, 2009

Second Life Bed Advertising

Yesterday Ed Manray and Enjah Mysterio (yes, that is, me + me) lay in bed together for what seemed like hours while Osprey fiddled with ... well, it was hard to say what she was up to.

Now we know it was this adorable video Osprey was making for the Patch Lamington no-sex bed. In Second Life, avatars mimic the sex act through the magic of poseballs and attachments, all of which are virtual, so no one is having sex but the cartoons we call our avatars. This is a spoof of such carryings-on, and it is charming. The comparison to Rock and Doris is just icing on the marital ice cream cake. Their personal lives did not, from what I hear, include marital sex, so they were perfect for those 1950s bedroom scenes. No spark of chemistry whatsoEVER!

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Anonymous said...

You must send the link to Hamlet at NWN!