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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Life on the Flank

"Persons unaccustomed to volcanic regions frequently express astonishment at what they call the foolhardiness of those who inhabit such localities. But the risk is less than is supposed. Such districts enjoy a remarkable immunity from epidemics, and even from the ordinary diseases which shorten human life, so that it is doubtful whether, on the average, the chances of a protracted existence are not greater there than in most other places. Besides, the peril of living near a volcano is remote, not certain; and each generation, as well as individual, indulge the hope of exemption from the threatened danger. To put an every-day illustration, there is as much risk in railroad-travelling as in cultivating fields on the flank of a volcano; yet there are but few who decline a journey from fear of the cars."

'Eruptions of Vesuvius’, The Friend, vol. XXVIII (1855), p. 410.
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