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Friday, May 22, 2009

Keeping Up With Things

No, I do not follow the Linden Blog, nor do I read the Second Life forums (fora?). I am a lazy avatar, and I could not care less what they are doing, as long as my personal experience of Second Life continues to improve (and it certainly has).

Connect to the Linden Blog, or to the User Fora (heh) if you like. Let me know what you find out.

Osprey is always aghast at my lack of information about developments in our shared virtual world. She is, of course, brilliant, well-informed, and experimental*. I am not really any of these things. I just play.

If they had a virtual world for my sort it would be named Creative Hedonism.

*Osprey is also highly creative, fun, and full of ideas, by the way

1 comment:

hba said...

I've always had a MEH towards forums - another password, another login, no obvious sense of order, all that need for mining to find one little thing out. Gah!

I have a friend in-world who won't read blogs as they are "too much pull, not enough push" meaning she has to go to them. Forums are like that, but to the power of 10 for me.

I've subscribed to certain threads (Magellan) and even a whole area (Nove Albion) but I've stopped going now. I tend to rely on Os too - she should charge a fee! :-D