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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Found in Translation

The film "Queen Margot" is from 1994, but I had not seen it before. It is based upon the life of Marguerite de Valois, daughter of Catherine de Medici, during the period of The Wars of Religion in Europe. The French reigning family was Catholic and the opposition Protestant. One of the historical events is the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre, during which, in one night, the Catholics slaughtered 6,000 Protestants in Paris alone.

A bloody but moving and sensual film. There was an earlier film by the same title, so history translated to literature (Alexandre Dumas' work "La Reine Margot") which translated to two films, and finally got translated into my brain images. The color red features quite prominently, a deep blood red. Certain musical passages stayed with me, along with the imagery of the film itself.

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Enjah said...

The soundscape was not music in the lyrical sense, but punctuation with sounds that trigger feelings. Was unusual, and hard to forget (but give me time, I will let go of it in a matter of days).