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Tuesday, April 07, 2009


The character Chuck works at the Buy More, an electronics warehouse store; the thing is, he has The Intersect, a visual compendium of espionage information, in his head. Various complications arise from this, and he has CIA and NSA handlers, who try to protect him. I watch it faithfully; us geeks have to stick together!

Also on Monday nights, but on another channel, is The Big Bang Theory, which features four geek/nerd/scientists and a waitress who lives across the hall from them. Each nerd has a different problem. Leonard is the most nearly normal of them; Sheldon (heh Sheldon, Leonard) cannot comprehend things like sarcasm, emotions, and so on. Wollowitz lives with his mother and fancies himself an ladies' man. Raj cannot speak in front of a woman unless he is drinking alcohol. The ensemble is great and the guest stars are fab too. (I am sure you can't tell, but I love this show.)

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