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Friday, April 24, 2009

Sister Grids...

In time management, this grid is ubiquitous. It is very easy, as we all know, to attend to the Urgent and Important tasks; firefighting must be done. The real focus of great performers in any field must be on Window Two, the tasks that are Important but not Urgent. This is proactive work, work that takes us into the future. The grid has a little different focus from the creative flow grid, but the important square is the upper right.

This grid is concerned with product placement in advertising. Literally, if your product has high emotional value and is very involving for the consumer, you place it in your ad, on the upper right quadrant of your layout. This can be translated visually to any form.

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Osprey said...

Insecticide Clothes Peg would be a good name for a movie. I shall have to steal it. It's very retro-sounding.