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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Reaper ... Mentalist ... Life

Confession: yes, I watch TV. There are shows I love, like I said about The Big Bang Theory and Chuck, on Mondays. Now, on Tuesdays ... REAPER!!!!! Sam's soul was sold to the Devil before he was born, and now he is the Devil's bounty hunter. The Devil is WONDERFULLY portrayed. Perfect casting. It is a comedy from hell (sorry I could not resist)!

... and The Mentalist! In spite of my Lancashirean friends' schoolyard interpretation of this word, the Oxford Dictionary agrees that a mentalist is someone with mental powers of observation and persuasion (I am paraphrasing wildly). The smirky dude actually kinda grows on you, believe it or not! He is a consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation (does that exist? I doubt it), and he can tell you that you had a small dog who disobeyed you when you were seven. Well, not quite, but he is an astute observer, and figures out who done it way before the police do. Fun. Really!

On Wednesdays, I have to see Life. Yes partly it is Damien Lewis, my Favorite Redhead, but it is gritty without being overwhelmingly so. He was framed for murder and spent 12 years in prison, and he got through it using a combination of Zen and the ability to strike quickly against an opponent. Tonight was the season finale, and it was a Killer!

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ReaperDMV said...

I saw that you were a fan of Reaper so I thought I would leave a message. Please help us save Reaper. Now that the creators are leaving, our show is in serious danger of cancellation.


If you can't do that though, please at least consider the following options. Even a one line "please renew Reaper" helps.




Thank you.