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Monday, April 13, 2009


Last night we saw the fourth preview performance of Mauritius at the Alley Theatre in Houston. There were only five characters and two sets. The characters are: a girl who may have been abused, her half sister, a stamp expert, his knowledgeable but not terribly honest pal, and a wealthy stamp collector. The play, by Theresa Rebeck, was on Broadway two years ago.

Apparently there are these two extremely rare old stamps from Mauritius, a one penny and a two pence "post office" (for the error of Post Office written on the side of the stamp). That is the focus of a lot of greed and emotion amongst these five people.

It is a dark comedy and the cast did a superb job of pulling us into their emotional tangles, while giving us a good laugh as they twisted things around.


robyn said...

My goodness you have such a talent for reviewing something that you have experienced. Hey this is a talent. You could make money doing this- really have you ever thought about writing for the newspaper, or a magazine?
you're good.
yes that good.

Enjah said...

Thanks, Robyn, what a compliment! At times I have considered writing reviews, yes, but I would rather paint and not go see everything someone wants reviewed.