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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Let's Not Forget Thursday Nights!

Yes, this is about teeeveeee again.!

One show I will be seeing tonight is My Name is Earl. Earl's life was going downhill fast, until he was hit by a car and decided to look into the concept of Karma. He has a list of people he has wronged, and he tries to make amends in a sort of warped trailer trash world.

For a while I lost interest but then they began fleshing out the ensemble characters and it revived my flagging tv-weary mind.

Another show I will view is Eleventh Hour. Dr. Jacob Hood is a science consultant for the FBI, and his handler is the blonde. There is also a new agent, Felix, who lightens the atmosphere considerably. Dr. Hood investigates scientific mysteries: outbreaks of unknown diseases, substances appearing in people's water or food and making them die or act strange, that sort of thing. Interesting, and though it is a bit darkly dramatic, watchable (so far). However, it is on probation as far as I am concerned.

And, speaking of shows on probation, I watch 30 Rock. I was flabbergasted to see Alec Baldwin in a sitcom at first, but he is the best! He really delivers, comedically. The writing is uneven, though, and the plots are not as amusing as they were at first. The Tina Fey character was always neurotic, but the thing with her obsessing over children got really old. They seem to have moved off that now, I hope permanently.

It reminds me of Northern Exposure, in which the quirkiness of the residents began to assume gargantuan proportions, and finally there was nothing left.

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Enjah said...

I am out of touch with the world of television. Last night, there was no new episode of Earl, nor was there a new Eleventh Hour. There was a 30 Rock, and I am still on the fence with that show.