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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Don't Mourn, Organize!

Giving us a perfect example of fighting evil by making energetic progress in the good, Majora Carter lives in the South Bronx and has a green-economic development group that is working to transform that area of New York City into a place that sustains nature, people and the economy. My hat is off to you, Majora Carter! Many thanks to Young Geoffrion for posting the link to Ms. Carter's TED talk!


hba said...

I'll be watching your's tonight and commenting, but I'm so glad you liked this one - she is an amazing person and her emotional honesty is just so wonderful to see.

I remember a talk I was giving on helping Kosovan refugees a few years back and I found it very hard to get through it without choking up. It turned out to be by far and away the most effective talk I've ever given and not because of emotional blackmail, but because the audience truly beleived me - I showed them what it meant to me & they responded.

I had the same chills, the same thick throat and the same tickly eyes in Majora's talk because it was honest and true and it spoke to me deep inside.

Enjah said...

Thank you hba! I was very touched by Ms Carter's talk as well. Passion for constructive action is very moving and contagious. We hope our efforts, albeit in completely different fields, will inspire others to do their part, whatever it may be, in smaller or larger fields, and possibly simply in opening their minds and hearts to those who live in different circumstances and learning to identify with all humanity (though I will still put those scam emails into my junk folder!).