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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Vegetarians and Pigs, Avert Your Eyes!

American Bacon 101: take 3 strips of "streaky" bacon, cut in two, place in COLD iron pan.

Heat pan over medium heat and put "bacon weight" on strips to prevent curling, and mitigate spattering.

Stay close, turning strips ever more often, until they are a medium brown. Drain (place on paper paper towels or on a cooling rack over a baking pan), and serve.

Pour off most of drippings (grease) and put in beaten, seasoned eggs, scramble with silicone spatula, and cook til firm but not hard.

Eat; my tummy says omg that is heavenly!


Osprey said...

Young Geoffrion said...

Bacon Tattoos
Ha ha, the word verification is "cheesy".
And, of course, CHUNKY BACON