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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

To Live (Huozhe)

I put this movie review up on Sisters Book and Movie Exchange (a blog I share with my sisters to review what we see and read). It made me think about what we call good and evil in everyday life, so I thought I would re-blog it here.

The old story about the man whose son gets a horse, and all rejoice, then the horse throws him and he breaks his leg, and all are sad, then he is kept out of the army because of the broken leg, is very much like this movie, in which good and evil intertwine and cause one another, as they do in our lives.


Osprey said...

I'll look for it on Netflix!

Young Geoffrion said...

This is one I saw ten years ago or more. One of the best movies ever made. Literary, with a grand historical sweep, and still intensely personal. It explains a great deal about modern China, and the Chinese personality. Ge You, the male lead is absolutely the top actor in China today, very funny, biting, deadpan humour. Gong Li, who I think is uneven in her roles, is a winner in this movie. If you like Fanny and Alexander, you will find this equally fascinating.