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Friday, March 06, 2009

Old Friends, Old Movies

I watch certain movies many times. Black Orpheus is one of those I love to see again and again, usually once a year or so. My husband does not want to see a movie if he knows what will happen (but let's face it, if there are no car chases or explosions, he is bored to begin with!). Friends have said, no I have seen that one. Perhaps for each of us it is such a different experience that few have this (ok I will say it) Obsession.

The first viewing of any movie, I am swept up in the events and images and I cannot see the nuances for the main points. The second time, I watch the people in the background more closely, notice the color schemes more fully, and of course enjoy the movie again.

A movie that is worth seeing many times is a jewel. Some present me with their mood, others with the sheer artistic quality, others with how they are directed, sets, and so on.

My list of these particular movies is short:

Black Orpheus (the entire thing is a work of art)
To Kill a Mockingbird (simply everything about it, but particularly the objects in the tree)
The Professional (redemption theme)
Young Frankenstein (egads I love it when they say Blucher and the horses whinny!)
Eraserhead (not for everyone ... I laugh through it all)
Amalie (Le Grand Destin de Amalie Poulin) (the colors! the colors!)
Earth Girls Are Easy (OMG Julie Brown!)
The Day the Earth Stood Still (Gort, Klatu barada nicto!)
Lost Horizons (a weepie for me)
Brazil (the desk shared by two offices, Robert DeNiro swinging in to fix things on the sly, the cosmetic surgery woman ... the list goes on)
King of Hearts (Alan Bates of course)
My Man Godfrey (love Carole Lombard in this ... her best I think)
Wings of Desire (the angels listening to people's thoughts ... so tenderly)
The African Queen (always ....)
8 1/2 (the characters at the spa)

There may be others I am forgetting (how could I, but I do).

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