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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Feet Up

Now the naturopath said (and I finallly recalled that I knew this before) to rest and let the fascia heel ... er, heal, so I have been lying in bed for days now.

The prophetic dude said life transition, loneliness. Wow, in spades, man. Osprey has resigned as director of TSMGO and is now absent all the time, Gordon is sleeping early, yoga class is on hiatus, I can't walk the dog, I have to keep my feet up and now I am alone with myself. Nothing wrong with it, but I seem to have forgotten how to amuse myself when bedridden. It has been a while, so I have to re-learn it, without pestering everyone I know.

Resting is helping but I need exercise. Tomorrow, I will swim; I promise.

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robyn said... it's my turn to say wow, I am so sorry you've been in pain and lonely. jeez why didn't check in on you earlier. Oh honey've got a wounded foot. and your precious Osprey not around much. I loved how you two were so cute together. awwwwww...poopy.