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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Who ARE the Bad Guys?

One of Osprey's blog posts features Bill Maher making a plea for sanity and against religion; view it
here. He has a point, and a lot of things that seemed reasonable during humanity's history have been unmasked in the preceding century, because of the unprecedented expansion, mechanization and automation of war.

Religion is definitely one source of the madness that other people are not like us, but there are more. Consider nationalism, for example.
"My country, right or wrong" = Reasonable or Unreasonable?
"I am only following orders" = Reasonable or Unreasonable?

Racism is another form of this insane idea.

"THEY don't think like US" = Reasonable or Unreasonable?
"THEY are not ready for freedome" = Reasonable or Unreasonable?

Sexism is the hippo in the parlor.
"THEY are all fools" = Reasonable or Unreasonable?
"THEY are the cause of all OUR problems" = Reasonable, or Unreasonable"

SO ....

Along with Religion we need to throw out the following biases:

Maybe then we could live in peace?

Imagine there's no ... well, you know the song.


Osprey said...

/me tries to imagine an army of 10,000 women blowing up buildings and laying to waste entire cities over the course of ten years because they hate men.

I think there's little (or no, maybe) reason for organised religion to exist except as a scheme to control people. I was raised by wolves, though, so I really don't know anything about it.

If you made a chart of the reasons for war I think religion would be up there along with other control schemes. I don't think sexism would, although it's been used to create a lot of suffering over the years. Jingoism, yes - all those ways of convincing people they don't need to think would be on the War chart.

Enjah said...

What I was trying to get across was that we are ONE.

Because of the scale and instantaneous nature of warfare now, humanity can no longer afford to indulge in religious, philosophical or political constructs that promulgate the idea that anyone else is different and therefore either inferior or threatening.

No, of course women are largely victims, not perpetrators.

Osprey said...

I didn't mean women are victims - I don't see an organised army of 10,000 men blowing up buildings and laying to waste entire cities over the course of ten years because they hate women, either.