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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Blogging is its own Reward

I am a person of many notebooks and sketchbooks, but never truly kept a journal with any consistency. Blogging has given me a nice combination of sketchbook and journal, so I am looking back over the year 2008 to see what I can see.

January: Computer woes
February: Laptop
March: Composter!
April: La Boheme
May: Environment
June: Flowers
July: Tropical storms
August: Hurricane Gustav
September: Yellowstone, Hurricane Ike
October: Painting
November: Holiday feasts at our house
December: Holiday parties, Christmas with family all here

A relatively uneventful year, thank goodness. The computers are both running well, the composter moved outside, the back garden was torn apart and then sun-blasted, but it will recover. The fence has not been replaced yet.

I successfully cooked for and hosted both Thanksgiving and Christmas with the family, plus we had a big holiday party. I did not lose my mind doing any of these events (that IS remarkable)!

May we all have a healthy, happy new year.

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